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This is the official wiki of the Squiddles cartoon - both the original version that ran from 1998 to 2004 and the 2011 revival (The Adventures of Squiddles and Friends). Many Squiddlers say the show was cancelled because of the "controversial themes" of some episodes, but true fans know the producers just decided to move onto new projects. These "controversial themes" are what make it almost impossible to find leaked episodes on the web anymore, and this Includes why Wikipedia constantly deletes the Squiddles page calling it a hoax, because It is hard to find video footage of The Squiddles, but some rare pirate sites have Season 1-4. When people ask what the show Squiddles was like, some people say it was like a more light-hearted version of Courage the Cowardly Dog, with more subliminal obscure hidden meanings in the series.

Squiddles was a tv show running from 1998 to 2004. It was rebooted in 2011 but has yet to reach popular streaming sites like netflix.Edit

On this site we Squiddle fans (commonly known as Squiddlers) can reunite and rejoice about childhood memories, and rewatching those good old episodes. Also providing info for fanfics or boredom (or maybe even powerpoint presentations in school, about your favourite tv show!)

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